Eating healthy doesn't have to be complicated!

Whether you're brand new to living a healthy lifestyle or just need a little refresher, the guides and ebooks I've spent the last few years compiling will help you on your journey! And guess what, they're FREE!

Healthy Eating for Busy Mamas

I know the struggle! We’re always on the go and that makes eating healthy a real obstacle. Quick, convenient foods often take the place of healthy, nourishing ones. Then these unsubstantial choices leave us experiencing low energy, fatigue, weight gain, and many other potential health issues. But it doesn't have to be that way and this guide will help you not only learn to plan ahead, but give you ideas for healthy snacks and eating away from home!

Basic time management and planning ahead tips!

  • Easy to pack portable foods!
  • Eating healthy away from home!
  • Staples to keep on hand!
  • 50 small meal and snack ideas!!

5 Day Meal Plan with recipes/shopping list

I get it! Meal planning can be a pain in the you know what! Trust me when I say its definitely not my favorite thing to do but I KNOW the results that can come from following a meal plan! When I first started coaching others back in 2012, I would have clients follow a simple 5 day meal plan as a starting point for their journey! When followed to a T, they always got awesome results! I decided this would be the perfect companion to the Healthy Eating Guide! You'll also gain access to my private #SavvyGirlStrong community on Facebook where you'll find even more resources to help you on your journey! So don't wait any longer! We are only given one body and its our job to make sure that we take care of it! Its starts with what you eat!

BONUS: 20 Family Friendly Dinner Ideas Ebook

know this time of year can be tough. Recreating schedules and routines, fall activities starting up, and time seems to be something that feels there’s just not much of. While I know all the “fresh starts” this time of year can require a lot of flexibility and time management for you and your family, I want you to commit to YOU this fall. There is no greater feeling than starting fresh, having a plan, and being able to stick to it without stress. Part of that plan is fueling your body with healthy, delicious food which doesn’t have to keep you in the kitchen all evening long.

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Tami!! A wife, mom of two teenage daughters and serial entrepreneur! I left my corporate Human Resources career when my first daughter was born and became a stay at home mom. I quickly learned that I had a passion for helping others and wanted to put that passion to good use yet still be able to stay home and raise my two girls!

I tried a few other avenues to earn income from home that served their purpose in the season of my life...teaching Baby Sign language when my girls were babies and running an Etsy shop as they aged out of signing. But it wasn't until 2012 when I made the decision to turn the weight loss results I had achieved from the comfort of my own home into a career. I've helped 100's of ladies (and a few men too) get started on their journey to getting fit both physically and financially and I can help you too!!

So let's do it!

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